Mountain Biking The Whole Enchilada Moab Utah – Part 1of 2

We were picked up at the Chili Pepper Bike Shop in Moab by Coyote   Shuttles. The Shuttle took us for an hour long ride to the base of Burro pass.

We geared up and dug deep for a about 2 mile climb with around 1,000 feet of accent to the top of Burro Pass. Once you hit the top catch your breath for a fast techie, flowy decent down the opposite side of Burro Pass. You will be stoked and taking in the valley view as you plunge down the trail. After some techie spots and a few creek crossings you are on your way back up.

Up, up and up with some flowy spots you will hit the top of the world with cliff hanging riding and panoramic views that never end. The riding will keep you on your toes with rocks and drops that want to jump up like a ninja and grab your front tire. WORK THOSE SKILLZ.

Headed down from the UPS to LPS trails you will ride along the canyons edge with the red rocky goodness. Keep your eyes up and attack those trails because they will test your skill and your attention span as you take in the view on the way down.

This truly was an EPIC day on the bike.